Lady Copper Hair

Everything about this photo screams HOT! From her copper tresses right down to her ruby red lips, this is a no fuss style for all of you busy ladies that still want to be sassy.

How To Style:

  1. Start with freshly shampooed hair.
  2. Spray some texturizing spray onto damp hair.
  3. You can either air dry or use a hair dryer with a diffuser on the end. If you use the dryer you will get a little more volume.
  4. Once hair is dry, start with a dime-sized amount of pomade. Emulsify the product into your hands, then randomly piece out your hair.
  5. Finish with a light to medium hold hairspray.

Recommended Products:

Aquage’s Sea Salt Texturizing Spray will give you just the right amount of wave to your hair. It’s lightweight and has a little bit of hold. Even f you have just a little bit of wave to your hair it will enhance it beautifully.

Paul Mitchell’s Wax Works is an excellent pomade. It has some hold with a soft sheen to it. It’s also very easy to work with because the consistency isn’t to thick and sticky like some pomades.

Aquage’s Working Spray would also be great for this style because it has some dry down time. This will allow you to move and piece your hair out without it being stiff.

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