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Biography | Aušra Kleizaitė


Born in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 1972, Aušra Kleizaitė is a contemporary visual artist known for her expressive works on paper and conceptual textile. Kleizaitė’s body of work reflects her interest in human condition and various aspects of human life: soul, spirit, and social interactions. Trained as a printmaker and a textile artist, she creates multi-layered drawings that explore nature, culture, relationships, emotions, and everyday life. In her creative process, Kleizaitė stays open to exploration and uses simple materials—paper, charcoal, and soft pastel – to tell complex stories. Her works embrace a full range of human experience: it can be full of stars, or full of demons.

Aušra Kleizaitė - Biography

The cornerstone of her artistic practice, Kleizaitė is also interested in drawing’s capabilities to express and reflect ideas and emotions as well as its ability to be transformed into three-dimentional objects that can be connected in installations.

The intersection of Western and Eastern cultures is the favorite subject of her research.


Rytis Zemkauskas

She calls herself the Beautiful Goddess. And she has created herself a strange world to reign over.

Sometimes she is benign.
You can tell that from her sculpture. She brings in fruits and calls it “Food 4 Life”. The cycle of life starts here and she shapes it with her hands, a warm touch of feminine form and essence.

Then she travels over to murals.
A mural is always a manifestation of greatness no matter how sizeable. The fruit motif is there present as well. You cannot do without fruits.

Or vessels.
Then the Beautiful Goddess becomes playful. She arranges and rearranges her terra cotta vessels into swastikas or other forms and shapes of her choice. Of course she plays with fire here but this is exactly what a goddess is supposed to do, isn’t she? Then come petals of lotus. And it is “an Art of being a Girl”, she says. Is it a love supreme? She doesn’t know. And there’s no one to ask her this question. The Beautiful Goddess is alone. Again, is there anyone who dares to stand by her side? She doesn’t care for now, she is absorbed by yet another game and she knows no title for it.

Petals keep appearing and reappearing. Oh, it is “Pink Beads” and “Yellow eyes”, she says at some point. Then she forgets it, because it is irrelevant. She jumps and screams, and the objects keep appearing as strange artificial flowers in the garden of boredom and plenty.

And this is exactly the moment she becomes bored.

Her eyes narrow and anger sparkles. She has created Paradis Inanimé.
She wants her paradise to be populated.
There’s no one to object and she has to start somewhere.
Faces start appearing.
Faces start.

Later some of them will be called “impersonal portraits”. Portraits of those never lived. Of those imagined and pinned to a piece of paper by a twist of her imagination. It is something the Beautiful Goddess can do.

Suddenly she has an affection to faces. Suddenly SHE KNOWS she has to create a tribe of worshipers. So be it. They appear one after another emerging from India and Tajikistan, being born of differences and monades. They all come from her head as Athena once came from the head of Zeus.

Now there is a plenty of them.

Should they be given full bodies to match their faces?
Should they be allowed to have feelings?
The Beautiful Goddess has come this far.”

Aušra Kleizaitė - Biography


December 1998. The Palete Gallery of Kaunas Institute of Art (together with the group), Kaunas, Lithuania;
July 1999. Kaunas Perkūnas House (together with the group), Kaunas, Lithuania;
June 17-18th 2000. Performance Art Festival, Paide, Estonia;
June 2000. The Academy Gallery, Vilnius Academy of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania;
September 2000. The Gallery of the Textile and Art Guild, Kaunas, Lithuania;
October 6- November 11th, 2000. The Exhibition of Visual Arts: “1997 – 2000”, (together with the group), Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania;
May 18-19th , 2002. The City Days, The Alley of Muses, Kaunas, Lithuania;
June 24-August 28th , 2002. The Summer Etudes of Textile, Centre of the Art and Leisure Kupeta, Palanga, Lithuania;
May 19-June 10th , 2003. Exhibition of Lithuanian Contemporary Art, Technopolis Center, Athens, Greece.
July 11-August 11th , 2003. International exhibition “Erotica”. “Barotti” gallery and the Klaipeda exhibition palace, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
January 15th – February 16th , 2004, Exhibition “The Best Work of the Year”, Kaunas city gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
February 5th – April 9th , 2004, Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art, Jurbarkas regional museum, Jurbarkas, Lithuania.
August 10th – September 19th , “Tradition and Innovation”, European Textile Exhibition, Ryga, Latvia;
2005 “New Lithuanian Textile”, Berlin, Germany.
October 2006, exhibition “Mandala”, gallery “Aukso Avis”, Vilnius, Lithuania;
February 13th -17th, 2013, “Drawing Box” Inaugural show, Artist’s Center, Kala Ghoda, Mumbay, India;
February 26th – March 2nd, 2013, “Drawing Box”, sir JJ School of Arts, Mumbay, India;
April 4th – 21st, 2013, “Drawing Box” in Ireland”, Crescen Arts Center Gallery, Belfast, Ireland;
July 18th – August 17th, 2013, “The Drawing Box”, Ranelagh Arts Center, Dublin, Ireland;
April 18th – April 28th group show by D.I.S.C. the Art residents “6.85 PM”, Suvadra Art Gallery, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India;
November 14th – January 14th 2014-15 Exhibition “The Shroud of time”, Picture museum, Kaunas Lithuania
November 15, 2014 Exhibition Sanskriti Kendra Foundation residence, Delhi, India;
March 14th, 2015, “Human”, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of India, New Delhi, India;
March 28th – 31st, 2016, International Art exhibition “Artists under The Great Sky” Rinchen BZango Art Gallery, University of Jammu, Jammu, India;
April 1st – 8th, 2016, International Art Exhibition organized by D.I.S.C. the Art “3”, Lalit Kala Academy, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

August 27-September 8th, 2002. The Plastic Objects, “Kaire-desine” Gallery of Vilnius Union of the Artists;
February 5th –April 9th, Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art, Jurbarkas regional museum, Jurbarkas, Lithuania;
April 9th -25th, 2004, “RELAX”, Exhibition of Textile Objects, Sanskriti Pratishthan, New Delhi, India;
May 17th –June 5th, 2004, “RELAX”, Exhibition of Textile Objects, “Rūtos galerija”, Vilnius, Lithuania.
June 20th – 18th July, 2006, “Arrow of flowers”, Exhibition of Drawings and Textile Objects, Textile Gallery “Aukso Avis”, Vilnius, Lithuania.
September 5th -19th, 2006, “Arrow of flowers”, gallery “Soviart”, Kiev, Ukraine
September 6th – October 12, 2012, “Drawings”, “Companys”, Vilnius, Lithuania.
November 16th – December 5th, 2012, “Drawings”, Gallery “Baroti”, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
February 23rd – March 16th, 2013, “Drawings”, “Mažoji” Gallery, Druskininkai, Lithuania.
September 14th – October 2nd, 2013, “..some things are closer than they appear..”, Kaunas Artist’s House, Kaunas, Lithuania.
September 20th – October 20th, 2016, exhibition of drawings “INTRO”, Traku Vokes Dvaro Sodyba, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Unesco – Aschberg Grant 2003 – 2004;
The best object of 2003, Exhibition “ The bestWork of the Year”, Kaunas city gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1998 –2000 Vilnius Academy of Art, Kaunas Institute of Art
Muitinės 4, 3000 Kaunas, Lithuania,
Master of Arts

1994 – 1998 Vilnius Academy of Art, Kaunas Institute of Art
Muitinės 4, 3000 Kaunas, Lietuva
Bachelor of Arts

1983 – 1989 Kaunas J.Naujalis secondary School of Art
Dainavos 1, 3005 Kaunas, Lithuania

1979 – 1983 Kaunas Komjaunimo secondary school